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SITE smart traveling in atlantic cities


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SITE smart traveling in atlantic cities

The Project

Why is the project important?

Currently enormous differences exist in public transport fares and ticketing throughout the European Atlantic Area. This deters inter-regional travellers from using Public Transport in unfamiliar regions.

However, recent developments in smart ticketing can overcome some of these difficulties and make public transport easier to use for travellers within the Atlantic Area. The vision of this project is the ultimate goal of a seamless ticketing and fare system for public transportation in Europe, increasing mobility and contributing to transport sustainability.

What will the project do?

The SITE project will establish a network of local and regional transport authorities representing the 5 member states in the Atlantic Area to work together on the development of new smart ticketing products and identify barriers to interoperability of smart ticketing across regions of the Atlantic Area.

The ultimate goal is to enable residents of one region to purchase a smart ticket that can be used in the transport networks of the other regions of the Atlantic Area thus facilitating the continuity of transport networks.

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